Re: Tips from Style by Jury

One of the benefits of having made the digital conversion is that I can now receive the CW channel which features “Style by Jury”. If you haven’t seen this show, the premise is this: women with serious fashion problems (and believe me, “serious” is understating it) appear in front of a hidden jury of average Joe Citizens who comment on the first impressions they make. The women are then given a seven day makeover (clothes, hair, makeup, dental work, some cosmetic surgery, some psychological coaching) and are brought in front of an all-new second jury (a family or friend is generally included) who then give their feedback on the women’s new look. Their new look, I should add, is usually a dramatic improvement on the old one and a big part of the show’s appeal is viewing the Before and After pictures. I freely confess that I’m a big fan of Korby Banner, the show’s makeup artist, who exudes a cool, fun vibe you generally don’t associate with makeup artists.
While I disagree with “Style by Jury’s” emphasis on cosmetic surgery (botox should never be an option, in my opinion) and their glossing over of the psychological issues involved with the women’s appearance (you can’t change the habits of a lifetime in a week), I have learned things from the show. To wit:

  • No matter what your shape, wear clothes that skim the body as opposed to those that cling or are too baggy.
  • A good smile is critical. Take good care of your teeth and don’t hesistate to have major dental work done if necessary. (I suspect free dental work is a big draw for the participants).
  • In both fashion and cosmetics, the middle ground is the most flattering. Too shapeless and blah and too made-up and overdone are both bad.
  • Consider getting a new hairdo (both color and cut) especially if your current hairstyle either has no shape or if you have had the same style for the past ten years.
  • Before you can successfully start over, you have to ask yourself why you’ve been clinging to the past. Letting go of outmoded ideas is how you go forward.
  • Never underestimate how a change of clothes and a bit of styling can change the way not just others see you, but how you see yourself.