Re: Halloween 2008 Wrap-Up

Halloween, the costumers’ bestest holiday of all, has come to an end and now it’s time to highlight some of the most original and innovative costumes that appeared during the 2008 season. I’ve mixed in some photos from the July 2008 ComicCon because I thought they would have made great Halloween costumes.


Cruella DeVille by saucy dragonfly (Flickr)

Saucy Dragonfly made this inspired Cruella DeVille costume by banding together a number of Dalmatian beany babies and then fastening them to her Dalmatian-print stole. Definitely the hostess with the mostess.


Lego Guys from the 2008 ComicCon held in San Diego, CA.

Click here to check out some more great costumes from 2008 ComicCon which was held in San Diego, CA. Although there are some very elaborate and detailed costumes, the best ones, in my opinion, consist of a simple concept well-executed. Much like these Lego Guys seen above.


Rock me, Sexy Jesus T-shirt wearers (Hamlet 2). 2008 ComicCon, San Diego, CA. Taken by San Diego Shooter on (Flickr)

Never underestimate the power of a bad wig and a snappy slogan T-shirt to make a great group costume.


Sarah Palin by mjkmjk (Flickr)

When the presidential election is held so close to Halloween, political costumes are certain to be popular. The one above, however, is definitely THE most disturbing Sarah Palin costume I have ever seen.


War hero McCain taken by jmtimages in Austin, TX (Flickr)

Nice combination of political mask and sailor suit, playing on McCain’s service as a Naval aviator.


Zombie Sarah Palin by alicia rae (Flickr)

Rumors of in-fighting between the McCain-Palin camps failed to convey the full horror of the experience. Extra points here for innovative use of plastic McCain mask. Can’t go wrong with zombies, I always say.


Shrek & Fiona, 2008 ComicCon, San Diego, CA

Nicely done re-creation of Shrek and Fiona from the animated movies of the same name. The key to doing a well-done movie costume is to choose a character whose body type most closely resembles your own. Extra points here for comfort. Both of these outfits look like they would by easy to wear during a long day at the convention.


Chainsaw Guy, 2008 ComicCon, San Diego, CA

Wear this costume and you will ALWAYS get to the front of the line.


Tie Fighter Guys, 2008 ComicCon, San Diego, CA

A couple of cardboard panels, hoodies, and blue jeans. Sheer genius!

Some costumes are so impressive that they deserve a web page all to themselves. Click here to see Ninkybink’s mini-skirted Marie Antoinette costume on Craftster.


I was particularly impressed by the shoes.

If you’re a fan of Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files” urban fantasy series, you’ll want to take a look at Jim’s first Halloween costume contest winners here. A word of warning: you need to have read the books in order to totally appreciate the costumes.