Re: Halloween Costumes

Ah, Halloween. Definitely the costumer’s holiday of choice, but now comes the burning question: what shall we dress up as?

First, let me refer you to what is rapidly becoming my first stop for costume images–Flickr. Don’t look at me like that, it’s true. I noticed when I did image searches on Google or Yahoo that most of the pictures that were returned were being drawn from Flickr so I decided to cut out the middle man.

Let’s talk for a moment about what makes a good Halloween costume.

  • A good costume has a clear and simple concept that conveys who you are supposed to be. If people have to guess or ask, your costume idea has not been fully realized.
  • Halloween costumes are a form of theater so take your audience into account. If you need to be recognizable to the general public, you can’t dress up as an obscure video game character.
  • A costume that you are going to be wearing for hours at a party or other function should be comfortable and not trip you up, impair your vision, or impede your access to the bathroom. It should also be appropriate for the weather. Construct your costume with the idea that you might need to shed (or add extra) if it gets too hot or cold.

Here are some of the more outstanding results I got from doing “Halloween costume” search on Flickr.

Green Army soldier by Mike Paquin created for Halloween 1999 (Flickr)

Like many ingenious costumes, Mike created his at the last minute with some old clothes, a length of plastic pipe, a plywood, and lots and lots of green spray paint. He went trick or treating with his kids and made them wait until he was set up on his “base” before they rang the bell. The crowning touches are the el cheapo helmet and the green stocking he used to blur his own features.

Jack and Sally from the “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Costumes created by gashlycrumbs (Flickr)

A nice example of a couples costume. The stripes on Jack’s suit appear to be handpainted.

Suffragette costume created and modeled by Walter Parenteau (Flickr)

Halloween is the only time of the year when men can dress up as women without having their sexual orientation questioned. The sash and picket sign really make this costume.

Bullwinkle costume by BetsyGH (Flickr)

If you’re a big moose on campus, you to have wear your school shirt with pride. The antlers are made from bedding foam. An excellent example of a comfortable, easy-to-wear, easy-to-make costume.