Re: Rated ARRRR for Rained Out

The local fair had a great theme this year–“Pirates of the Carrots and Beans” (what can I say, it’s an agricultural fair). At any rate, I was excited as any costumer would be at the prospect of dressing up like a pirate. Unfortunately, it rained something awful for two weeks beforehand and pretty much all through the fair which put the kibosh on the whole costuming thing. After almost three weeks of drenching rains and flooding in low-lying areas, I was less concerned with dressing like a pirate and more concerned with building a boat.

But I did come across this great site, Gentlemen of Fortune, which has a very nice section on historical costuming for pirates. You can use this as a guide to creating an accurate piratical outfit or as a jumping off point for your fantasy buccaneer costume.

And remember, maties, September 19th is Talk (and Dress) like a Pirate Day!