Re: What the Fitch

Ellen Degeneres has perhaps the best take on the Abercrombie & Fitch controversy making the rounds on the Internet right now.  You go, girl!

Re: Rock Star Style

Ellen Degeneres dressed in Brooks Brothers as host of her daytime talk show, “Ellen”. Ellen looks both tailored and crisp and yet relaxed and hip.

Ellen again looking both relaxed and chic. Her coloring enables her to wear white and look good which most people can’t pull off.

When your work requires casual clothes, it can be difficult to look pulled together. You don’t want to dress too formally yet you want to look as if you planned your ensemble, not like you rolled out of bed and put on the first thing that you found on the floor. This contretemps is magnified when you have to appear on stage.  The folks I’ve cited here are ones whose style I admire. Their clothes look good on stage, but they are not theatrical in a costume-y or “I-set-fashion” kind of way.

Okay, is it wrong to admit that I consider a bunch of Canadian folk-rockers style icons? From left to right, Bob Hallett, Alan Doyle, and Sean McCann, the trio that’s the heart of Great Big Sea. The fellow behind them in the white T-shirt is Canadian actor, Allen Hawco.  The lads are looking pretty smart in their version of stagewear–dark shirts with blue jeans and a dark blazer, blinged up with some manly necklaces. Both Alan and Sean have Celtic pendants that they’ve worn for years.

Another look at Great Big Sea, a poster for their last tour. I’m digging Bob’s bowling shirt and Sean’s sneakers.  If you haven’t tried their music, by the way, I highly recommend it.

Sheryl Crow, looking both sharp and very natural, in a leather vest and torn blue jeans.

A look at Sheryl’s line of clothes which she describes as vintage, biker, and American heritage all combined together. She plans to eventually have a children and a menswear line as well.

Sheryl can (and has) worn dresses, but she usually prefers a top and pants kind of ensemble. Sheryl has said that she particularly looks for Americana-style pieces that reflect the Old West or the frontier.