Re: Halloween Roundup 2012

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year and Halloween celebrations either falling the weekend before or after –or, in the case of Hurricane Sandy–being put off altogether, I thought I would wait a couple of weeks to allow Halloween photos to be posted. I didn’t intend it to be January of the new year before I posted again, but time just got away from me, I’m afraid. Nevertheless, below is a round up of what I’ve come across on-line that I felt was especially noteworthy.

One of the difficulties of creating a family Halloween costume is finding a theme that works for everyone, from the grownups to the youngest kids. This Scooby Doo family group works on all levels. I particularly liked the “Mystery Mobile” golf cart behind them for when young (and old) legs get tired of walking. Posted by tbarella on Instructables.

Occasionally, there’s a historic re-creation costume that really floors everybody and I really liked these Czar Nicholas and Czarina Alexandra Romanov costumes. The dress is a re-purposed wedding gown, the fabulous rhinestone jewelry was cobbled together from several necklaces, and the crowning glory, the tiara, was fashioned from wire and Fimo pearls. Posted by mandanak on Craftster. Click here to see the whole post.

The tower of crocheted blue hair really makes this Marge Simpson costume pop. Posted by stephany719 on Craftster.

You gotta love a dragon rider and I like the way this standard creature riding costume was given a Game of Thrones spin. Posted by Katusha on Instructables.

Craftster poster eakarink called her pink, feminine version of men’s combat gear, “Feminist Rambo”, but I think that “Feminine Protection” is a better title. Check out her tampon “bullet” bandolier below.

Pulling off Psy-Ops “Gangnam” style outfit is surprisingly easy to do and very recognizable. I saw several versions of this costume. This one was posted by fullinception on Instructables and only cost him $15.00.

Here’s a case where one great prop–in this case, the giant, fake check–really makes the group ensemble work. This Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol get-up was posted by aujbrown on Instructables.

I saw several “50 Shades of Grey” costumes, but I thought this one was the easiest to pull off. The skirt, tie, and accessories are all made from paint sample cards that are free for the taking in the department store paint section. Posted by laurenhun on Instructables.