Re: Hecate

Mom as Hecate II

Lori Russell as Hecate (October 2015)

Mom as Hecate III

Lori Russell as Hecate. Jasmine, the pensive Golden Retriever mix, as the messenger to the Underworld (Oct. 2015).

Alas, life and work, those two time-consuming things that get in the way of costume blogging, kept me from posting these photos last Halloween, but I figure better late than never. This is my 85-year-old mother, Lori Russell, costumed as Hecate, goddess of the crossroads and the dead. Dogs were animals sacred to Hecate hence my dog, Jasmine, making her costuming debut. No matter what photo I took, Jasmine always seemed to be mirroring Mom’s expression.

The Take Back Halloween site has a more modern take on Hecate, but I decided to take the goddess back to her ancient Turkish roots. The hat was a happy accident–a pillbox leftover from a hat-making project. Mom is also wearing an Egyptian baladi necklace, a short Indian veil over the hat, a beaded Egyptian dance shawl, and a silver-striped baladi dress (made from two large veils) over a long-sleeved black dress.


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