Re: Crimson Eeeek!

Crimson Peak Poster

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a handsome, brooding, Bryonic hero possessed of decaying mansion full of dark secrets must necessarily be in want of an innocent bride to share it with.

Okay, that’s not how Crimson Peak opens, but it should.

It’s a shame that a perfect Halloween movie like Crimson Peak should come out too close to Halloween to make an impact on this year’s costume season. Not content to allow all these cool Victorian Gothic costume ideas to go to seed, I have come up with a couple of ideas for re-creating major costumes from the film.

I picked what I regarded as some of the most iconic images from the earlier trailers and stills–the Sharpes in their black visiting outfits and Edith in her long white nightgown. The idea here is not create exact reproductions, but to mimic the look of said costumes for the average Halloween party or costume masquerade.

The Sharpes Crimson Peak

Although Lucille and Thomas Sharpe have other outfits, I felt that their “vampire visitation” gear was the easiest to reproduce. For Lucille’s outfit, I would recommend finding a Wicked Witch of the West costume and adding black and white lace to it. If you already have a Victorian-style blouse and Gypsy style-skirt with ruffles that you can tuck into the back for a bustle effect, that would probably work, too. Complete the outfit with black fingerless gloves, black parasol, a red rose pin, and a black lacy hat. Extra points for adding the blackened floral trim. You might be able to get away with a black placemat with added lace for the hat.

Lucille Sharpe

Thomas Sharpe

Thomas Sharpe’s outfit is a lot easier. Black pants, black vest, white shirt, black cravat, and black frock coat. Extra points for adding the silver watch chain. If you can find a Victorian vampire or Abe Lincoln costume, you may be able to re-purpose the frock coat.

Both siblings sport tinted round spectacles. I would recommend raiding the “hippie Halloween costume section” for John Lennon-style shades.

Edith with Candelabra

The extra-poofy sleeves of Edith’s white nightgown are the hardest part of this costume to get right. If you have a poofy shrug, you can wear that over any sort of white nightgown or white dress with a  wide skirt. Failing that, I recommend checking out thrift stores for a wedding dress with puffed sleeves.

Since Edith is a damsel in distress, it seems only right to distress the hem of her dress with red paint or dye in a spray bottle. Important props: long blonde wig, candelabra, and bloody knife.


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