Re: Krampus Your Style

Krampus the Christmas Demon

Krampus the Christmas Demon (

Every now and then, I run across a Halloween costume that just makes me insanely happy on a very deep, spiritual level. Krampus the Christmas Demon, which I found browsing the Theatrical Costumes section on the Spirit Halloween website, is one of them. Most people are generally aware of the Germanic tradition of St. Nickolas rewarding good children on Christmas. What most people (or at least most Americans) aren’t aware of is that traditionally St. Nickolas is accompanied by a helper who punishes the bad children. This helping figure is known variously as Black Peter or Krampus and he either hands out switches or, in the case of Krampus, pops the kids into his sack and eats them for dinner.  (‘Cause it’s not really a Germanic holiday unless some kind of punishment is being doled out).

The very best part about this costume is that you can scare the beejezus out of  your neighbors on two separate holidays–Halloween AND Christmas. Heck, catch your neighbors at the right time on Christmas morning and Mommy and Daddy will happily stuff little Johnny into your sack for you. Your problem is going to be giving the little devil back.

Add to this the Krampus movie coming out in December and this costume couldn’t be more timely.


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