Re: Halloween Costume Roundup 2014

We’re going to kick off this year’s Halloween costume roundup with the most topical costume of all:

Bindlestiff Instructables Ebola Virus Costume

Ebola virus costume by Bindlestiff (Instructables)

Yes, you knew it had to happen–the Ebola virus costume.  Actually, considering the other Ebola costumes out there, I rather like the science theme that this one brings to the table. Perhaps science-themed costumes will become a trend with people dressing up like bacterium.

Copenhagen Row House Costume

 Copenhagen Row House costume created by Brittany Watson Jepsen.

Awesome cardboard row house costumes made by Brittany Watson Jepsen. See the whole story behind the costume on her blog, The House That Lars Built.

Mother Earth Heather Artrip NPR 2014

National Public Radio listener Heather Nicole Artrip costumed as Mother Earth.

Heather made her beautiful Mother Earth costume from thrifted items  (“boo-cycling” as NPR’s Protojournalist Linton Weeks terms it). Although she made it for last year’s Halloween, Heather didn’t get to wear her costume outside the house because she went into labor and had her son on Halloween.  Read the whole story here and look for Heather’s addendum in the comments section.

Tom Burns Princess Leia Father Daughter Costume 2014

Most epic parent-child costume of all. Tom Burns as Princess Leia and his daughter as Han Solo (Oct. 2014).

When Tom’s daughter wanted to be Han Solo for Halloween and requested that he accompany her as Princess Leia, Tom did what any 21st century dad would do: he dressed up as Leia Organa. Read the full blog post here. A Star Wars hoodie forms the basis of his outfit.


Snap Crackle Pop Trio Costume Coolest Homemade Costumes 2014

Angie from Waukee, Iowa made these awesome Snap, Crackle, Pop costumes for her three kids. Posted on Coolest-Homemade-Costumes.Com (Oct. 2014).

This adorable trio costume features Snap, Crackle, and Pop from Kellogg’s Rice Crispies. Here’s the link to the full description of this great costume. If you haven’t visited Coolest-Homemade-Costumes.Com before, I highly recommend it as a source for costume ideas.

Saguaro Cactus Costume

A last minute saguaro cactus costume designed by xxlauraxx (Instructables).

Here is a a fabulous and unique cactus costume made by Instructables user xxlauraxx. The spines are ruffles that Laura sewed onto a green hoodie. She then added ribbon flowers to the hood. I would definitely vote for adding red mittens as cactus fruit. Read Laura’s tutorial here.


Re: The Lioness in Winter

Lioness in Winter I

My 83-year-old mother, Lori, costumed as Eleanor of Aquitaine (Oct. 2014).

When I broached the subject of dressing up again for this year’s Take Back Halloween contest, I was pleasantly surprised to find my mother very open to the idea. This is our second year participating in the contest and it has become our shared art project.

Lionesss in Winter II

Lori as Eleanor of Aquitaine showing the full dress (Oct. 2014).

The only purchased part of this costume is the crown. Everything else came either from my closet or my fabric stash. It helps to be a bellydancer 🙂

Lioness in Winter III

Lori as Eleanor of Aquitaine minus the cloak (Oct. 2014).

If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to surf over to Take Back Halloween’s Facebook page and check out the current crop of entries for this year’s contest. [Update as of 11/18/14: Mom won most Inspired Performance in the Queens category. Like a boss.]

Re: Halloween in the Time of the Cholera

Plague Doctor Wikipedia

Illustration of a plague doctor (Wikipedia). Plague doctors were physicians hired by towns to attend victims of the bubonic plague. The distinctive costume was the first hazmat suit.

Halloween is all about dressing up as the things that scare us. So, if it’s okay to dress up as the Grim Reaper or a zombie, is it okay to dress up as the latest virus outbreak du jour? National Public Radio has an interesting discussion about the ethics of dressing up as an Ebola health care worker here.