Re: Halloween Costume Forecast 2014

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble–but enough about my lunch. Tradition beckons and once more I gaze into the bubbling cauldron to see what is going to be cooked up for costuming this Halloween.

  • Zombies show no signs of relinquishing their lead over other scary characters in this year’s costume apocalypse. Go dead or go home!
  • Media-wise, I predict costumes from Frozen (Elsa and Anna in particular), Malificent (it’s not about the quality of the film, it’s about Angelina Jolie’s iconic head dress), and Game of Thrones will be popular. In GoT’s case, Spirit Halloween has come out with an official costume line from the series which will up the quantity of Targaryen princesses and Brothers of the Night Watch at your door. “Trick or treat, smell my feet …”. “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” I am also rooting for plucky newcomer, Guardians of the Galaxy (Groot in particular) and the new and improved Sharknado 2.
  • In the politics/current events corner, I don’t see any pop culture reference that’s really catching my eye.



Re: Bookish Pursuits

Bishop's Miter

Finally, two things that I love–medieval manuscripts and historical clothing–have been brought together. The above image is from Eric Kwakkel’s Medieval Fragments blog and shows a bishop’s hat or miter with a lining made from 13th Norse love poetry. After the introduction of the printing press, the handwritten books that had proceeded them were regarded as old-fashioned and were often re-purposed. Because medieval manuscripts were written on vellum–scraped animal skin, could be calf, sheep, or goat–it wasn’t a big stretch of the imagination to re-use these pieces of illuminated leather as linings for clothes.  Re-used manuscripts also show up in the bindings of printed books as well. Check out the whole post here.