Re: Post-Halloween Costume Roundup 2013

Patrick Stewart Lobster Halloween 2013

I don’t normally publish celebrity Halloween costume photos, but this pikker of Sir Patrick Stewart dressed as a lobster was too good to pass up. I hope that I have his energy and since of fun when I’m his age.

I know, I know. You were beginning to wonder if a Halloween Roundup for 2013 would ever be posted. Gotta tell you I was sort of wondering, too, but I finally decided just to do it. I haven’t finished sourcing some of the pictures yet, but at this point, I figured that perfection was the enemy of accomplishment. So, for your viewing pleasures, a small sampling of the cool and fun costumes from this past Halloween. Remember, folks, it is never too soon to start thinking about Halloween 2014.

Gru Costume Halloween 2013

An unidentified gentleman dressed as Gru (Despicable Me) with an inflatable minion.

Shan Fox Pinterest What Does the Fox Say

Pinterest pinner Shan Fox dressed as a fox from the Ylvis music video, “What Does the Fox Say?”

Lady Pin Cushion Dress Craftster Halloween 2013

Craftster X made this fabulous Pin Cushion Dress for her costuming class. Tres adorbs!

Lady Pin Cushion Accessories

The accessories are fabulous as well.

Spy Vs. Spy Costume Halloween 2013

Instructables poster X kitted out her son and daughter as Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy. The kids had specifically requested that they wanted to go as a duo.  Simple concept, great execution.

Child's Map Costume Halloween 2013

Instructable Poster X’s son wanted to go as a map of the world for Halloween. His mother made him the above simple, but effective costume.


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