Re: Baba Yaga Update

Lori Russell as Baba Yaga Nov. 2013

My 82-year-old mother, Lori,  as Baba Yaga (Nov. 2013).

Lori Russell as Baba Yaga Closeup Nov. 2014

This is only her second-ever Halloween costume and her first photo shoot.  I had intended to wear the costume and have her take my picture, but she makes a better Baba Yaga than I would have.

Lori Russell as Baba Yaga III Nov. 2014

I put the costume together, but all of the facial expressions and poses are her idea. Gotta admit that it gave me a turn seeing how natural she looked hauling a skeleton through the snow. I sent this entry to the Take Back Halloween Costume Contest and, out of about 200 submissions, she wound up taking third place in the Best Overall category. Mom for the win!