Re: Green Woman

Green Woman (2006

An unnamed poster dressed as the Green Woman. Posted to the Green Man Tribe on in 2006.

I thought I would share a costume that I’m working on for this Halloween because it’s an easy one to do, easy to wear at work (necessary since Halloween falls on a Thursday this year), and it goes so well with the season. I’m going as the Green Woman, the female personification of nature. You have most likely heard of her male counterpart, the Green Man, who is particularly associated with the forest in British folklore.

Making a Green Woman costume is very easy. Ideally, you’ll need something green for the body of the costume.  I’m going to be wearing a plain green tunic and pants, but if you have something in a leaf print, for example, go with that.  Next you’ll need several garlands of fake (or real) fall leaves, depending on what’s easiest to work with. I picked up several leaf garlands at my local Joanns Fabrics store. One I used to make a crown for my head. The others I used to make a leaf drape to wear across my body and over one shoulder. The final touch is the leaf mask which I made by gluing leftover fake leaves to a purchased half-mask from the craft store. Total construction time: About two hours.

A big plus here is that the crown of leaves and the mask really give you an alien, otherwordly look which is very neat. You can add green facepaint if you like as an extra touch. If you have other harvest/nature bits and bobs–moss, nuts, berries, etc.–hanging about your crafting area, go ahead and add them to the costume.


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