Re: Take Back Halloween, Round Two

Morrigan Take Back Halloween

The Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of war and battle, and one of the costumes voted on and financed by Take Back Halloween’s 2012 Kickstarter backers.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve heard me talk about Take Back Halloween before, the website that encourages people to dress up as famous women, queens, and goddesses for Halloween (or any time of year) by putting together costume guides. Much like House Greyjoy, Take Back Halloween does not sew and uses only commercially available items.

Last year, they launched their first Kickstarter campaign which was very successful and enabled them to add a bunch of new costumes. This year, they are Kickstarting again for the month of October and are hoping to raise more money for more costumes.  At this writing, they are 80% towards their goal and have 17 more days to go towards their initial amount of $4,500. Last year they were able to make some stretch goals as well and they are hoping to do the same this year. For $5.00, you can contribute money to a good cause and get to vote on which awesome costume they should do next. Read all about it here.

I consider myself to be pretty well-read, but I’m always surprised by the interesting information I learn on their website, both about the women I’ve never heard of and the ones I thought I knew everything about.

Full disclosure: I supported their campaign both this year and last. I can also report that the buttons I received as my thank-you gift were extremely well done.

[Update as of 10/18/13: Initial goal has been reached and Take Back Halloween is pushing hard towards it’s stretch goal of $7,000.  You’ve still got 13 days to pledge if you haven’t already. Update as of 10/21/13: First stretch goal of $7,000 has been reached. Ten days left to reach the second stretch goal of $9,000. New Greek Goddess poster has been added to the prizes. We can do this, folks! Update as of 11/05/13: Not only has the final stretch goal been achieved, but the super-stretch goal of $13,500 has been made as well. Many, many thanks to all those who contributed. Your support keeps a great site in business].


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