Re: Dance of Thrones, Part Two

I had initially intended my first Game of Thrones-inspired bellydance number to a be a one-off, but when the character of Melisandre was introduced, I knew that I absolutely had to do a fire/candle dance as a Red Priestess. I’m pleased to report that my dance partner, Christina, and I, performed a successful candle duet to “Valar Morghulis” at this year’s spring recital.

Christina and I worked on the piece for the better part of a year and we went back and forth on different concepts for both the dance and the costumes. We finally settled on making the dance about the candles moving through space and we stuck to a Northern India look (kameez, narrow legged pants, and veil) for the costumes. We had a tray of battery-operated candles in front of us and we each danced with two candles, one in each hand. The Red God bless the maker of battery-operated candles! I remember the old days when candle dances were done with real flames and real wax candles and were usually the occasion for hot wax burns.

Christina and I made our red tunics with printed cotton from my fabric stash. The tunics were very simple with no extra decoration. We supplied our own purchased yoga pants (black) and we wore red veils with gold metallic dots, wrapped around our heads Indian-fashioned. The veils were special occasion fabric (polyester chiffon) that I got on sale at our local Jo Ann’s Fabrics. We used hairpins to fix the veils in place on our heads, wrapped them the way we wanted, and then used safety pins to keep the veils from moving out of alignment.

Having watched the recital DVD, I am very happy with how the dance came off. It was one of those rare moments when the mood and the movements we envisioned in our heads looked as cool on stage as it did in our imagination. Our candle duet actually looked as if it could have been a scene in the Game of Thrones TV series.


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