Re: What the Fitch

Ellen Degeneres has perhaps the best take on the Abercrombie & Fitch controversy making the rounds on the Internet right now.  You go, girl!


Re: Hairdo Archaeology

Hairdo archaeologist isn’t a job title you hear very often–or ever–but it’s the one bestowed on Janet Stephens, a professional stylist, whose work re-creating the hair styles of the ancient world earned her publication in the Journal of Roman Archaeology–only the second non-archaeologist to be published in the journal in its 25 year history. Here’s a link to an article about Janet and her work in the Wall Street Journal and here’s  a YouTube video showing her stylin’ re-creations:

The elaborate multi-braids reminds me of how North African women did their hair–another reminder that Ancient Rome looked towards the Meditarrean and the Near East, not towards Europe or the New World.