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Tom Hiddleston Maroon Suit
Tom Hiddleston rocks a fashionably skinny maroon suit. The New York Times refers to suits of this cut as a major sea change in men’s fashions, but to me it has a 1950s-60s retro vibe. Regardless, the tasty Mr. Hiddleston still looks good.

Actor Tom Hiddleston talks about costumes and fashions in this 2012 UK GQ Magazine interview with Oliver Franklin. Click here to read the full interview:

You’re a stylish guy. What’s your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
I have a couple. I’m very partial to a leather jacket. There’s a particular Armani leather jacket, which it fits me so well and is itself such an elegant piece of tailoring, that the combination of the two is just great. It’s somehow perfect in every weather, so I can wear it in the summer and it’s not too hot, and I can wear it in the winter and it keeps me warm. It just feels great. However, I’m very partial to a suit – and Giorgio Armani made me a three-piece suit for for the release of War Horse. I was going to wear it to the premiere, then I found out it was black tie because the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were attending! So I ended up wearing it another time. But on the inside pocket it’s inscribed to Captain Nicholls, my character from War Horse. I think it’s really special.

Your War Horse co-star Benedict Cumberbatch walked for Spencer Hart last season.
I know – Benedict and his braces! Actually Benedict is a friend of mine and I know he’s talked about it, but I do think it’s a really creative industry. Maybe both of us a little bit later in life are starting to understand style. I think it comes hand in hand with having a visual imagination. When you work in film, you begin to understand that how people construct themselves is fascinating, and can often tell you a lot about who the person is. Benedict talked about working on Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and the tailoring of that particular time [being an inspiration] but it’s also simply that if you work with great filmmakers and cinematographers and costume designers, you start to understand there is a delight in the beauty of a beautiful shot or a beautiful picture. If people look good in the picture then it helps!

Re: Quotes about Costumes

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