Re: Halloween Costume Forecast 2012

Once more into the breach, dear friends, as I, the Amazing Clothesmonaut,  look into the future and predict what will be popular, costume-wise, this Halloween.

  • Zombies: Bigger than vampires, bigger than anything, indeed deader than anything, zombies will continue to lurch their way to the top this Halloween.
  • Politics/Politicians: With the presidential election falling so soon after Halloween, expect to see Obama/Romney masks here, there, and everywhere.
  • Fairy Tale Characters: With two Snow White movies out this summer plus the popularity of TV shows like “Once Upon a Time” and “Grimm”, look to see many classic fairy tale character costumes. Snow White is the obvious favorite, but Little Red Riding Hood and all the rest are bound to make an appearance as well.
  • Medieval: On a related note, I predict a surge in medieval-themed costumes, kicked off in part by the popularity of the fairy tale based shows mentioned above and in part by the popularity of series like “Game of Thrones” and movies like “Brave”.  Expect to see generic Vikings and Renaissance maidens as well as specific character costumes.
  • Pop Culture: Superheroes remain strong, spurred on by the new Batman movie as well as  “The Avengers”.  For new entries into the pop culture arena, look for “The Hunger Games”, “Snow White” (especially “Snow White and the Huntsman”), and “Brave”.

As a final note, expect to see crossovers amongst all these categories e.g. zombie Ned Stark or Romney/Obama as Superman.


Re: Patty, Goddess of Hamburgers

Francis J.  Cura as Hamblor, God of Hamburgers.

The first time I saw the Carl’s Jr. commercial featuring Hamblor, God of Hamburgers, and his ..uh…devoted female acolytes, all I could think was “that should be Goddess of Hamburgers. And her name should be Patty.” So, inspired by Take Back Halloween’s goddess page, I have decided to create a costume for my new deity.

Searching for costume inspiration, I discovered that another artist had created a Hamburger goddess. Ariyana Suvarnsuddhi created her Goddess of Hamburgers as part of a four part series for her senior graduation thesis in 2010. See her blog here.

Her creation draws more on Indian/Buddhist imagery. Hamblor’s costume and temple has a Summerian/Bablyonian feel to it so I looked to Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, and Minoa for my images.

Queen Shub-Ad Summerian Reconstruction

Re-constructed Summerian head gear and necklaces British Museum

After considerable searching, I found my inspiration in the headdresses and jewelry of these two high-ranking Summerian women (see above). Patty, Goddess of Hamburgers, would wear Summerian finery, but translated into hamburger-related fixings. A lettuce leaf fringed with small onion rings would form her headress, tomato slices would be her side-bun hairstyle. Her dress would be either light beige with sesame-seed sequins or a dark brown suggesting leather/steak and fringed with french fries. In her hands, she would carry the Sacred Spatula and  the Skillet of Justice to smite unbelievers.  Handmaids would follow behind with the tray of Sacred Condiments–ketchup, mustard, and mayo.

Aren’t you hungry for Goddess time now? 🙂