Re: I Was Snow White, But I Drifted

Ravenna’s (Charlize Theron) wedding dress from Snow White and the Huntsman. The shoulder structures are meant to echo ribcages.

Big screen or small screen, Snow White is everywhere this year as is her sartorial nemesis, the Evil Queen.  Proving yet again that poison apples are the ticket to a much better wardrobe than anyone else, this crop of Evil Queens is very well turned out as we shall see.

Ravenna’s dress of bird skulls. Love the head piece here.

Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen showing off her peacock gown (Mirror, Mirror). Bird motifs, particularly swans and peacocks, play a large role in the movie. Snow White’s dress, by contrast, plays on the colors of the Disney version.

Just for that, kids, I’m sending you off to the gingerbread cottage. Renata (Lana Parilla) shows off yet another of her unlimited collection of all-black outfits as she prepares to endanger Hansel and Gretel in ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”.


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