Re: Halloween Roundup 2011

No sooner has our chocolate high subsided, but we must search the Web far and wide for the best Halloween costumes of the season. As always, I am impressed by the amount of creativity out there.

It took 33 yards of tulle, hand sewn to a simple tube dress, to turn Craftster poster binkyrmt into a shower scrubbie. Or poof. Or loofa. Or whatever you want to call those little scrubbie things.

Her shoes deserve special mention. She took rubber duckies, glued to them to snap on barrettes, and then clipped them onto to her regular shoes.

Don and Beth Kingston dressed up as–wait for it, you know it’s coming–a pair of boobs. Read about here on her blog. Beth got the idea from Pinterest.  Touch of genius: the pink ribbon in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

What would Halloween be without a topical political reference? I thought that the  image of the Monopoly Man holding his Occupy Park Place sign was terrifically clever.  Uploaded to the Huffington Post by user Mark Schroeder.

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is Craftster poster pinupkate dressed as a steak. A regular steak. Her significant other was dressed as a butcher.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this costume. Blogger Merrilee is dressed as a book fairy. Read her post about her costume here. Her wings are made from the cover of an old dictionary and her skirt is made from rolled up dictionary pages. A great costume for a teacher, a children’s librarian, or anyone who is doing storytime with kids.

What a great costume.  Osujen posted a picture of her Comic Girl outfit to Instructables. The makeup word balloons on her face say “Pow” and the word balloon on her headband says “Kaboom”. The bodice is made from duct tape and the skirt is made from cheap fabric. Both have comic book pages over the top, secured with a combination of spray adhesive and packing tape.

Craftster poster Snarkdog and her friend dressed up as Lucy and Ethel from the candy factory episode. If you’ve never seen this episode of the Lucille Ball show, the plot involves Lucy and Ethel taking jobs packing chocolates at a chocolate factory hence the conveyor belts and the candies.

M-I-C-K-E-Y …..admit it, the old theme song for the Mickey Mouse Club is going through your head right now, isn’t it? This is a very simple, but very effective group costume. Kudos to the Mouseketeers! Uploaded to the Huffington Post by user oojenn.

Okay, I’m a sucker for animal costumes and you have to love one that involves brown felt, a pair of white long johns, and hot glue.  Read more about Ic4isu’s great Halloween outfit here on Instructables.


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