Re: Need Halloween Costume Inspiration?

Halloween is rolling towards us like the juggernaut of costuming awesomeness it is. And you, gentle reader, are badly in need of some costume ideas, yes? In that case, I’d like to suggest that you check out the following two sites.
First up is Take Back Halloween, a two-year-old website founded on the idea of providing women and girls with positive alternatives to the “sexy” Halloween costume. The website suggests dressing as notable women of history, goddesses, glamor girls, and queens and then sources the costume parts for you, no sewing required.

I was particularly taken with their Pele costume. Check it out below.

The site gives you a bit of background on the goddess or historical figure being featured. They provide links and instructions for putting together the costume pieces. They also take suggestions for future costumes.

Second is Pinterest, an on-line pin board, that has become one of my new favorite sites for ideas and inspiration. You can search by category (click on Everything) or you can type your terms into the search box. I would suggest starting out with something generic like “Halloween” or “Costume” and then becoming more specific e.g. “Angry Birds Costume”.  You can also sign up for an account and create your own pinboard.


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