Re: Halloween 2011 Predictions

Once again, I shine up the old crystal ball and look deep, deep inside to answer that age old question: what will be the top costumes for Halloween this year?  Answer: future cloudy, ask again later. Darn it! Gotta quit using that Magic 8 ball. Alright then, mirror, mirror, on the wall, which will be the coolest costumes of all? And the mirror replied …..

  • Zombies will continue to be popular. By gosh, it’s just like this trend can’t die. Or something. Expect to see a Middle Eastern twist this year with fallen dictators and Osama Bin Laden making appearances.
  • Pirates and vampires also continue their reign of terror.
  • Movie-wise, with the Harry Potter film series now come to end, expect a rush of Potter costumes as fans bid a fond farewell to the Boy Wizard and his friends.  Interest in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland continues strong.
  • Cowboys vs. Aliens is such a fun concept that, regardless of the quality of the movie, expect to see some combination of cowboys, aliens, or a mashup of the two.