Re: Men (and Women) of the Hood

“We’re men of the hood. Merry now at your expense.”–Russell Crowe, Robin Hood

Now that the movie Robin Hood is close to officially opening, a lot more still photos are available. The costumes for this production are truly beautiful and very detailed.  Although Janty Yates is the official costume designer for this movie, if you look under the credits, you will see a whole raft of costuming people listed which is not surprising considering the breadth and scope of this film.

Here are just a few stills to give you an idea of the beautiful costumes:

Lea Seydoux as Isabella of France, King John’s wife.

Lea Seydoux (Isabella) and Oscar Isaac (King John) in their bedchamber.

The kingdom may be financially insolvent, but King John (Oscar Isaac) is still a sharp-dressed man.

William Marshal (William Hurt) and Eleanor of Aquitaine (Eileen Atkins), the Queen Mother. Note William’s fabulous armor and Eleanor’s beautifully embroidered gloves.

Here’s a shot of Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) in action. Notice the awesome sleeve details. Although you can’t see it well in this photo, his vambrace is covered in Celtic designs.

Am I wrong in thinking that we’ll be seeing a lot of Robin Hood costumes this Halloween? Don’t think so. I haven’t left out Marion (Cate Blanchett), but I want to make her blue dress so I will discuss that in another post.


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