Re: Halloween Roundup 2009

Witch with Poison Apple Macaw-frey Flickr

Something poisonous, but delicate. Macaw-frey’s (Flickr) Snow White-inspired wicked witch outfit was concocted for her self-portrait, but I think it makes a great–and very sinister–Halloween costume.

Welcome to what is becoming a regular feature of mine–the post-Halloween costume round-up as determined by picture uploads on the ‘Net.  As always, I’m fondest of the people who have broken the mold in some fashion. Here are a few of my favorites.

Gallagher Costume wine me up Flickr

Gallagher costume by wine me up (Flickr).  For anyone who was born after the 1980s, Gallagher was a popular, stand-up comedian of the time. Part of his act was smashing watermelons with a sledgehammer, hence the melon prop in this photo. Great likeness!

Gollum Closeup zenwithin Flickr

My own, my precious. Gollum mask and costume by zenwithin (Flickr). His wife dressed as Frodo. Photo by Audrey Goforth.

Headless Horseman Elaborate jmtimages [7D] Flickr

I’ve seen a lot of Headless Horsemen costumes, but this one has to be the most elaborate. I love the way the guy’s real head does double-duty as the prop head. It looks like he had to have some help marching. Photo by jmtimages (Flickr). Taken in Austin, Texas in Oct. 2009.

Ostrich Costume Full View Yellowmerline Flickr

Yellowmerline created this great ostrich costume (Flickr). This is a swell idea and one I think lends itself to numerous variations e.g. flamingo, etc.

Ostrich Costume Head Closeup Yellowmerline Flickr

A closeup of Yellowmerline’s ostrich mask, made from papier mache. The eyes are ping pong balls and the details are drawn in with ink.

Robin Girl Wonder PinkgooseCalgary Flickr

This is a wonderful, low-budget superhero costume that still captures the essence of the character. Robin Girl Wonder photo by PinkGooseCalgary (Flickr).

Tied to the Tracks kieferman Flickr

A “concept” costume that I really liked. The heroine is tied to the railroad tracks. Photo by Jim Kiefer (kieferman) on Flickr. Taken in New York in Oct. 2009.

Swine Flu Insight Marketing Design Flickr

I saw a couple of swine flu costumes, but I think that this was the best rendition. Again, a low budget costume that conveys the main idea. Posted on Insight Marketing Design Flickr feed. Insight Marketing is an advertising company in Sioux Falls, SD and this costume was part of their Halloween party.

Alas Poor Yorick Lika Kalandadze Flickr

Now here’s something you don’t see every day–a sexy Hamlet costume. Actually, photographer Lika Kalandadze (Flickr) was just setting up a Gothic, atmospheric shot, but I like the idea of turning the characters of the Bard into Halloween costumes.


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