Re: Howl-o-ween

Werewolf T-Shirt Craftster

Jilltheimpossible shows off her newly stencilled werewolf T-shirt (Craftster). She didn’t make up the quote, but she did do the shirt.

Werewolves don’t get no respect–and they don’t get any decent costumes either. Think about it.  Vampires get the all the press, the babes, and the smart yet brooding outfits. Werewolves are lucky to get second billing, if they get any billing at all, and they almost never get an attractive transformation sequence.

Let’s face it. Most werewolf costumes are just plain unattractive and clunky-looking. They don’t say “scary yet sexy wolfperson” as much as they say “I got too near a vat of latex” or “sorry, I seem to have an unfortunate body hair problem”.

This Halloween I would like to challenge all the costumers out there to reinvent the werewolf for the 21st century. The first step is to see werewolves for what they are–cool shapeshifters, not  some demon or ungainly man-wolf hybrid.

With that in mind, let’s take a fresh look at werewolf costumes. Below are a couple of looks I like.

Werewolf Costume 1987 brykmantra

Dashing young werewolf about town  Brykmantra won several local costume contests with this 1987 wolfman costume. He improved on the look by lightening up on the brown face paint and layering the hair. (Flickr)

The enterprising Brykmantra kicks it old school by going with a classic wolfman interpretation–basically a suit with facepaint and a little extra body hair. Comfortable and–dare I say it?–tasteful, too. You could make this look more working class by dressing down–jeans and a T-shirt or long-sleeved flannel shirt. Think Wolverine from the X-men movies.

Werewolf Costume Simplicity Flickr

His night to howl. An unnamed gentleman models the Simplicity werewolf costume at Costume Con 27 in Maryland (2009). Posted by oldpatterns on Flickr.

The Simplicity option is a good one if you expect to be trekking around in nippy Halloween weather or if you prefer not to do heavy makeup. Basically, the outfit consists of a furry hood with ears, clawed gloves, and a sculpted chest protector-type vest that ties around the neck and at the waist.

Werewolf Costume Simplicity Flickr II

Same model with coat off showing the back of the Simplicity werewolf vest (Costume Con 27, 2009, Maryland). As you can see, a coat or overshirt is necessary to cover up this part of the costume.

Werewolf Costume Simplicity Flickr III

Call of the wild.  Designer Andrea Schewe poses with her creation (Costume Con 27, 2009, Maryland). Posted by oldpatterns on Flickr.

Werewolf Makeup I Flickr ktb8293

Flickr user ktb8293 posted this photo of her great werewolf makeup.

Another idea is to go with animal facepaint. I like that ktb8293 completely relies on makeup, not fake fur or fangs, to give her a “wolven” expression.

Werewolf Makeup II Flickr ktb8293

A close up of ktb8293’s werewolf face paint (Flickr).

Werewolf Mask Closeup Kory Bing Flickr

Kory Bing constructed this great werewolf mask from paper mache, ribbon, and rabbit fur for Halloween 2004. The design is based on the story, “The Wolves of St. August”, from the Hellboy comic by Mike Mignola (Flickr).

If you don’t like the full face makeup idea, a classic, lightweight, animal face, masquerade mask is a great option. I like that Kory has gone for a realistic “wolf” look here and eschewed (no pun intended) the fake fur and latex snarl.

Werewolf Mask Kory Bing (Flickr)

Kory shows off her full costume (Flickr).

Two Wolf Princes

Jedi Elf Queen created this Big Bad Wolf costume for a college production of Steven Sondheim’s  musical, “Into the Woods”.

I love the fact that the wolf has pirate boots as well as a furry peruke (wig), tied back in the proper 18th century, and a furry jabot.  The clothes are made using the Simplicity pirate costume pattern. Check out Jedi Elf Queen’s pictures here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Wolf/Pirate/Prince Costumes”. She has an especially clever “spat solution” for the swashbuckling boots.

Werewolf T-Shirt Back Craftster

The back of Jilltheimpossible’s wolf shirt. The clawmarks are a nice touch. (Craftster).


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Miranda
    Oct 28, 2009 @ 13:54:57

    I love that shirt and the claw marks on the back are the crowing touch!


  2. Incredibles Costume
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 08:19:27

    I agree that shirt with the claw marks is great but my fav is the first..doing it till you howl. That’s awesome.


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