Re: I Embrace My Inner Peacock

Finally, finally, finally, it looks like my peacock costume is coming together. I found a peacock feather printed cotton at a local quilt store that I really liked (about $8.00/yd) and bought everything they had left on the bolt. I won a custom made bellydance tassel belt at a silent auction one of the local troupes put on so I’m going to have Liz, my seamstress, make part of the fabric into a belt. Depending on how much is left over, I’m thinking about having the rest made into a short-sleeved, knee-length Ghawazee jacket that I could wear over a variety of shifts.

Peacock Fabric Example

This is the exact same fabric I found at my local quilt shop, shown here made into a mouse pad. It’s a Carrie Miller print and comes in about six different colors, but I thought the kelly green background (see in photo) was the most striking. (Image from Etsy).

Right now, I’m in designer heaven, rummaging through my stash of trims and fabrics to see what goes with a kelly green peacock print. I’ve got some electric blue sequins, some gold and blue metallic trim, and some coin trim with small gold coins.

More information as the project develops down the line.