Re: No Place Like the O.Z.–The Sequel


Zooey Deschanel as D.G. in the Sci-Fi Channel mini-series, “Tin Man”. A better shot of the Spanish-style black-over-red dress she borrows to infiltrate the nightclub.

KLCtheBookworm was kind enough to pass on to me some screencaps she had gotten from moirariordan at LiveJournal. The screencaps show some of the “Tin Man” costume details I had been unable to find other photos of.  Enjoy!


KLC points out that D.G.’s dress seems a little big for her–a detail I had missed–but which is consistent with her borrowing it from DeMilo’s stash.


“Search your feelings, D.G. You know it to be true.” Okay, wrong movie ….


I thought initially that the dancers were wearing a one piece bodysuit, but they actually appear to be wearing a camisole top and high cut briefs, Las Vegas showgirl style.


Love the little poofy sleeves. The beading around the tamborines seems to be the pre-strung beading you can find the upholstery section of large fabric stores.


I thought that the dancers were wearing metallic caps, but these appear to be metallic scarves instead.


A brief glimpse of the ballroom style shoes the dancers are wearing (“Tin Man”).


“They went that away. Let’s get some horses and head them off at the pass.” Actually, a nice screencap showing that elusive insignia (“Tin Man”). See some other views below.


Ah, a man who enjoys his work. Zero (Callum Keith Rennie) prepares to give Wyatt Cain (lower right hand corner) an attitude adjustment (“Tin Man”).


“Just click my heels together and I’ll be back in Kansas, eh?” Zero (Callum Keith Rennie) gets up close and personal with Azakadellia’s secretary (“Tin Man”).


The pin up of the Sorceress all of the Longcoats have in their lockers. Kathleen Robertson as Azakadellia (“Tin Man”) showing her beaded nightdress and mermaid skirt. I suspect that the nightdress is actually an Indian khameez split up the front. The skirt looks to be a simple straight skirt with a line of runching on the front.


In a later scene, Azakadellia (Kathleen Robertson) is shown wearing a lightweight black robe over her nightwear ensemble.


Airofday, the Indian fortune teller/informant, that our heroes meet in the Realm of the Unwanted.  Her outfit most closely resembles an Indian-influenced bellydance costume–straight skirt, costume bra, and big, metallic veil draped across her body and over her shoulder. In the movie, Airofday is part of a trio of dancers which would make this outfit a fun group costume.


A closeup of Airofday’s makeup which we don’t really get to see during the film.  The design comes off as metallic eyeshadow on screen when it is really the outline of an open eye on her eyelid, the pupil done in metallic blue. Very cool, very freaky.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. klcthebookworm
    Jun 15, 2009 @ 18:39:09

    Glad to see this up. Now if I could only decide what I want to make. 😉

    Slight formatting issue: there’s a couple of places listing the filename but no picture.


  2. Camera Girl
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 21:32:24

    great post! i love zooey’s clothes!
    could you do a post on emily browning’s clothes in the uninvited! they were gorgeous but i couldn’t find many stills of them!
    thanks 😀


  3. Clothesmonaut
    Jul 25, 2009 @ 21:09:31

    Thanks for your kind words, Camera Girl. Try the Internet Database for stills. Flickr can also be a good source for hard to find photos. 🙂


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